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Needs Statement

There is a tsunami of development hitting our neighbourhood with over 26,000 units to be built in the next few years.

Mission Statement

To identify the impacts of neighbourhood and ward wide development and give local residents a strong voice in communicating their interests to politicians, city planners and developers.


- To insert changes into individual development’s Final Site Plans to ensure the impact of the development is a net positive for the community.

- To ensure infrastructure is adequate to accommodate local and ward wide development and get firm commitments from politicians and city planners to that effect.

- To use this as an opportunity to enhance and build complete communities.


The committee will focus on actionable items that directly impact our neighbourhood.

Geographical Scope

Scarborough Junction is defined as the area bounded by and adjacent to Warden Avenue in the west, Midland Avenue to the east, the GO Train rail line to the south, and the TTC subway line to the north.

Current Focus

1. Traffic infiltration into the Danforth Gardens Neighbourhood from 3431 St. Clair Ave. E. parking garage exiting onto Elfreda Blvd.

2. Park Dedication land and in-lieu-of payments to create the Scarborough West Rail Trail on the abandoned rail line that starts at the end of Pilkington, runs behind Santamonica Blvd. to Warden Subway Station, over the abandoned rail bridge over St. Clair and north connecting to St. Clair Ravine Park, Warden Hilltop C.C. and Upper Summerside. Also, improvements to Danforth Gardens Park and Oates Park.

3. School capacities and impact on students and education.

4. Organize a community meeting with the city councillor and city planning staff to learn more about the over 26,000 units that will be impacting our neighbourhood the next few years and to voice local residents interests and concerns in maintaining the integrity of the current neighbourhoods, ensuring that infrastructure keeps pace with development and that there is a focus on creating complete communities.

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