Scarborough Hikes to the Greenbelt For the Greenbelt!

Join the Rail Trail Rangers of the Scarborough Junction Community to show your support for the proposed West Scarborough Rail Trail, preserving the Greenbelt and opposition to Bill 23 that threatens to diminish the Greenbelt and the responsibility of Conservation Authorities to protect our cities and natural areas.

Saturday, November 26, 1:00 PM

Warden Hilltop Community Centre, 25 Mendelssohn St, Scarborough, ON M1L 0G6

All residents of Toronto are invited to join Scarborough to walk all or part of the greenway from Warden Hilltop Community Centre to Rouge National Urban Park and the Greenbelt. The hike will follow the proposed West Scarborough Rail Trail along the Scarborough Hydro Green Space, the Meadoway, and the Gatineau Hydro Corridor Trail. 

Four hikes of different distances will be offered to accommodate all levels of hiking experience:

Family Hike 👪

2 km/30 minutes from Warden Hilltop to Birchmount Rd. and back.

Beginner Hike 🥾

4 km/45 minutes from Warden Hilltop to Kennedy Subway Station and back

Intermediate Hike 🌄

7 km/90 minutes from Warden Hilltop C.C. to the Meadoway and back

Advanced Hike * ✊

15 km/3.5 hours from Warden Hilltop C.C. to Rouge National Urban Park one way (self-shuttle or pick up required for this hike).

Approximate timeline for the hike waypoints:

1:00pm Meet at Warden Hilltop C.C.

1:15pm All hikes leave Warden Hilltop C.C.

1:30pm Arrive at Birchmount Rd.

1:45pm Arrive Kennedy Rd. and Eglinton Ave.

2:15pm Arrive Jack Goodlad Park on the Meadoway

2:45pm Arrive Lawrence Ave. and Brimley Rd.

3:00pm Arrive McCowan and St. Andrews

3:15pm Arrive Bellamy Rd.

3:30pm Arrive Markham Rd.

3:45pm Arrive Ellesmere Ave. and Military Trail

4:00pm Arrive Neilson Rd.

4:15pm Arrive Morningside

4:30pm Arrive Rouge National Park (7 Twyn Rivers Dr. - 43.809415, -79.165504) in Rouge National Urban Park, Glen Eagles Vista

You are welcome to meet our hikers along the way to walk your local section or join us for the full event!


To learn more about or join the Rail Trail Rangers/Junior Rangers, email

* If you are doing the 15 km hike you must arrange your own shuttle or pick up after the hike at the parking lot at 7 Twyn Rivers Drive - 43.809415, -79.165504 (use coordinates for exact location) in Rouge National Urban Park, Glen Eagles Vista oe or at Toronto Jaffray Chinese Alliance Church, 9950 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1B 2J6 (east end of parking lot).

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