On May 28, at the City of Toronto Infrastructure and Environment Committee, members of the Scarborough Junction Community made deputations and submissions in support of keeping the West Scarborough Rail Trail alive and moving forward. Working with the support of community members, community groups and politicians, a motion was passed to finalize a study on the West Scarborough Rail Trail and report back to Councillor Kandavel and the SJC by the end of the 3rd quarter.  This means that the WSRT will not be cancelled for the 2025 - 2027 budget cycle. 

Here is the motion:

SJC Written Submission

Jonathon Schmidt with research assistance from Sam Wong made a comprehensive written submission to the IEC. 

Here is a link to the submission from the Scarborough Junction Community: https://www.scarboroughjunction.org/2024/05/sjc-comments-for-2024ie143-on-may-28.html

SJC Deputation

 SJC in person deputation: https://youtu.be/eNwvc9BLr4w?t=3791

Councillor Kandavel's Motion

Councillor Kandavel's motion: https://youtu.be/eNwvc9BLr4w?t=22818

Community Support

We are very happy that the community, community groups, the local councillor Parthi Kandavel, local councillors  like Scarborough Councillor McKelvie and councillors city wide like Josh Matlow rallied to support the West Scarborough Rail with letters, submissions and deputations. 

There were a number of written submissions from a number of individuals and community groups.

Political Support

Letter of support from Josh Matlow: Josh Matlow on X: "My letter in support of moving forward with creating the West Scarborough Rail Path. https://t.co/2rPZ0I7oEy" / X

Letter of support from Mayor Chow:

"Good morning, Misha,

Thank you for your email and for your ongoing advocacy and interest in including the Scarborough West Rail Trail in the City’s Cycling Network Plan.

Mayor Chow was very pleased to see the Motion to Amend at Infrastructure and Environment Committee on Item - 2024.IE14.3 moved by Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie. This amendment requests that the General Manager of Transportation Services finalize the study on this trail for inclusion in the future. The Mayor will be supporting this motion as amended at the June council session.

Once again, thank you for your work on this.

Warm regards,

Andrew Pulsifer (he/him)

Constituent Affairs and Outreach - Office of Mayor Olivia Chow"

Thank you all for your support and please contact the Scarborough Junction Community at info@scarboroughjunction.org for more information or to get involved in the making the West Scarborough Rail Trail a reality!


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