A new bridge has finally been installed in St. Clair Ravine Park over Taylor Massey Creek!  After a couple years of construction and waiting for a new bridge the Danforth Gardens neighbourhood is again connected to the General Brock Neighbourhood.  This bridge connects neighbourhoods and increases access to all parts of St. Clair Ravine Park for all local residents.

We thank Councillor Parthi Kandavel and his team for responding to our queries and following up with the Toronto Region Conservation Authority.

Here is the response to our inquiry from the councillor and his team earlier this spring:

"We met with TRCA on site and reviewed a temporary and a permanent solution. A temporary shoring repair was considered but given the estimated cost, and short life expectancy, it would be prudent to advance a permanent solution. The preliminary permanent solution recommends replacing the bridge with a longer span one with a new appearance. The design of the bridge will be developed through 2024/Early 2025, following the engineer’s technical requirements and TRCA review and approvals."

Thanks to the advocacy of the community, the support of Councillor Kandavel and the cooperation of the Toronto Region Conservation Authority the St. Clair Ravine Bridge is BACK!

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